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ID Title Status Last Updated Sort descending KM Node Tags
833 Roles and responsibilities of Beneficiaries and NTEP Staff to process DBT Live 27/03/2022
836 Registration of Private Providers and Processing Benefits Live 27/03/2022
571 Importance of Community Engagement in TB Live 27/03/2022
955 Patient-provider meetings Live 27/03/2022
940 What is A in ACSM Live 27/03/2022
941 What is C in ACSM Live 27/03/2022
942 What is SM in ACSM Live 27/03/2022
948 The stages of change model Live 27/03/2022
952 Principles of Preparing a realistic ACSM budget Live 27/03/2022
700 Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs] related to TB Live 04/04/2022
980 Use of Shorter Oral Bedaquiline-containing MDR/RR-TB Regimen in Pre-existing Liver Disease Pending Review 07/04/2022
989 Management of DR-TB ADR: Giddiness Pending Review 07/04/2022
990 Management of DR-TB ADR: Hematological Abnormalities Pending Review 07/04/2022
991 Management of DR-TB ADR: Hypothyroidism Pending Review 07/04/2022
992 Management of DR-TB ADR: Arthralgia Pending Review 07/04/2022
993 Management of DR-TB ADR: Depression Pending Review 07/04/2022
994 Management of DR-TB ADR: Psychotic Symptoms Pending Review 07/04/2022
995 Management of DR-TB ADR: Suicidal Ideation Pending Review 07/04/2022
996 Management of DR-TB ADR: Seizures Pending Review 07/04/2022
997 Management of DR-TB ADR: Nephrotoxicity [Renal Toxicity] Pending Review 07/04/2022
998 Management of DR-TB ADR: Gynecomastia Pending Review 07/04/2022
1061 Newer Anti-TB Drugs: Delamanid [Dlm] Pending Review 07/04/2022
1063 Pre-treatment Counselling of DR-TB Patients Pending Review 07/04/2022
1069 Shorter Oral Bedaquiline-containing MDR/RR-TB Regimen: Pre-treatment Evaluation [PTE] Pending Review 07/04/2022
1079 Importance of Properly Identifying Presumptive TB Cases Pending Review 08/04/2022
1085 Patient Provider Support Agency [PPSA]: A Multipronged Approach to Engage the Private Sector Pending Review 08/04/2022
1083 Roles of Accredited Social Health Activist [ASHA] for TB Service Delivery at ABHWCs Pending Review 08/04/2022
1081 Functions of District National Health Mission Pending Review 08/04/2022
1086 Universal Access to Quality TB Care Pending Review 08/04/2022
1087 End TB Strategy Approach Pending Review 08/04/2022