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Vulnerability mapping and Microplanning are 2 important activities of Active Case Finding which precede field activities. Vulnerable populations should be mapped and recorded in prescribed formats from health facility level onwards. Mapping data from PHI are consolidated at Block level, those at Block level are consolidated at district level and those at district level are consolidated at state level. Data from mapping formats is used for microplanning. Microplanning forms the basis of field activities. Microplans are also consolidated at subsequent levels. During supervision and monitoring, it is important to assess the activities with respect to the microplan. 

The recording formats for ACF include:

1. Formats for mapping - Health Facility Level, Block Level, District Level and State Level                     

2. Formats for microplanning - Manpower, Logistics, Field Activity





Mapping details should also be entered in Ni-kshay under the section shown below:


Ni-kshay ACF Mapping screen


Fig: Ni-kshay section for reporting various ACF activities


Based on the requirement obtained from the mapping exercise, microplanning is done with respect to human resource, logistics and field activities

Human Resource Planning Form

Field activities are captured in Form 1 & 2 of the ACF. The data from field activities are compiled at the PHI level and submitted to the District and State using google sheets at present. Although there is no specific mechanism to demarcate the presumptive TB patients and the confirmed (clinical and microbiological) TB cases in Ni-kshay, States follow different mechanism including marking in the Laboratory register as ACF testing and sending a separate sheet to the district in paper format.


1. Active TB Case Finding - Guidance Document, Central TB Division & DGHS, MoHFW, 2017 




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Vulnerability mapping and microplans for ACF should be recorded at

Health facility level

District level

State level

All the above


Mapping activities should be recorded at health facility level and consolidated at subsequent levels (district, state, etc)



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