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  • TB Drug Regimen

    Learning Objectives

    Explain different treatment regimen and courses of drugs.


regimen means a prescribed systematic form of treatment for a course of drug(s). For Drug resistance TB treatment, Multi drug combination of regimen is followed. 

All TB drug regimens have an initial intensive phase(IP) followed by a continuation phase(CP).  Following are some of the main TB drug regimens used based on the drug resistance pattern detected for TB patients.

  • First-Line Anti TB Drugs(Prescribed for Drug Sensitive TB DS-TB)
    • Daily weight band wise FDC
  • Second-Line Anti TB Drugs (Prescribed for Drug Resistance TB - DR-TB)
    • H mono/poly DR-TB regimen
    • Shorter oral Bedaquiline-containing MDR/RR-TB regimen
    • Longer oral M/XDR-TB regimen

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