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  • Target groups for TPT

    Learning Objectives

    The learner will be able to categorise and identify the TPT strategy for an individual at risk for TB


The NTEP has prioritized the target population for TPT based on elevated risk of progression from infection to TB disease or increased likelihood of exposure to TB disease. 

The target populations have been divided into two groups:

  1. Household contact persons of bacteriologically confirmed pulmonary TB patients notified in Nikshay from public and private sector.

Target Population


  • People living with HIV (+ ART)
    • Adults and children >12 months 
    • Infants <12 months with HIV in contact with active TB
  • HHC below 5 years of pulmonary* TB patients
TPT to all after ruling out active TB disease
  • HHC 5 years and above of pulmonary* TB patients#
TPT among TBI positive# after ruling out TB disease

#Chest X Ray (CXR) and TBI testing would be offered wherever available, but TPT must not be deferred in their absence

*Bacteriologically confirmed pulmonary TB patients to be prioritized for enumeration of the target population for TPT

  1. Expanded to other key and vulnerable population

Target Population


Individuals who are:

  • on immunosuppressive therapy 
  • having silicosis 
  • on anti-TNF treatment 
  • on dialysis 
  • preparing for organ or hematologic transplantation
TPT after ruling out TB disease among TBI positive


Revised TPT Target Population May 2024



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