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Treatment supporters are eligible for Honorarium at the end of TB patients treatment, only if the patient's treatment outcome has been declared either as "Cured “or "Treatment Complete".


The eligible amount of honorarium is

  • Rs. 1,000 for DSTB Patients and for
  • Rs. 5,000 for DRTB patients


These benefit amount are processed through Nikshay and below are the prerequisite conditions that needs to be met in Nikshay, for generating incentive

  • Treatment supporter should be registered and enabled for receiving honorarium from Nikshay.
  • Bank details of Treatment supporter should be submitted to the nearest NTEP health facility staff.
  • In Nikshay, this is the only scheme where benefits are generated manually by TU users - STS
  • Nikshay will allow NTEP TU users to generate benefits, only if
    • Treatment Outcome has been declared as "Cured “or "Treatment Complete"
    • Patient duplication status should be Unique i.e. Nikshay marks the patient duplicate based on Gender and Mobile Number
  • For DSTB patient, one benefit of maximum amount of Rs. 1,000 can be created if outcome is updated as “Cured” or “Treatment Completed
  • For DR TB patients two benefits can be generated in Nikshay:
    • First benefit of maximum amount Rs. 2,000 can be created at end IP - Intensive Phase (i.e. Initiation Date + 6 months)
    • Second benefit of maximum amount Rs. 3,000 can be created if Outcome is updated as “Cured” or “Treatment Completed”

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