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Private health providers are an inevitable part of the TB treatment and support in the country. These private providers include:

  • Practitioner / Clinic etc. (Single)
  • Hospital/ Clinic/ Nursing Home etc. (Multi)
  • Laboratories
  • Chemists


To improve complete reporting and ensure support care for patients in the private sector, the facilities will receive an incentive of:

  • Rs 500 as Informant or Notification Incentive
  • Rs. 500 for Outcome declaration

For patients seeking healthcare from a facility in a different district, Nikshay enables the feature of linking a health facility (HF) in addition to the current HF. This enables the private facilities to enter treatment outcomes and become eligible for the incentive.

Private health providers are also eligible for treatment supporter incentives of Rs. 1000 for DS-TB patients and Rs 5000 for each DR-TB patient for ensuring support for the entire course of treatment.


Guidelines for Programmatic Management of Drug-resistant TB in India, 2021.



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What incentive does a private sector facility receive for every TB patient notified?  Rs. 1000 Rs. 700  Rs.500  Rs. 250 3 A private facility will receive an incentive of Rs. 500 for every TB patient notified.



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