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  • Burden of TB in India

    Learning Objectives

    Discuss the burden of TB in India under various parameters and historical trend, along with the proportion of global burden.


TB is one of the top burdensome infectious diseases in India. It is estimated that, around 28% of the world's new TB cases occur in India, translating to about 30 Lakhs new TB cases emerging each year (TB incidence). Against this estimated incidence the National TB Elimination program reported around 19 lakh new and relapse cases in the year 2021.

An estimated 5 Lakhs deaths occur due to TB each year in the country, translating to about 1 case of TB death every one minute. Compared to this, there are only about 42 thousand deaths due to HIV and about 90 deaths due to Malaria each year.

TB diagnosis and treatment services although provided free of cost in the public sector, the cost of accessing these services and related loss of wages drive the affected people with poverty (catastrophic costs). TB also has a huge impact on the world's and the country's economy because of loss of workdays (100 million workdays per year).



Question​ Answer 1​ Answer 2​ Answer 3​ Answer 4​ Correct answer​ Correct explanation​ Page id​ Part of Pre-test​ Part of Post-test​
What is the estimated number of incident TB cases that emerge each year in India? 35 Lakh cases 26 Lakh Cases 26% of the Global Burden 19 Lakh Cases 2 The estimated number of new and relapse (incident) cases in India that emerge each year is about 26 Lakh Yes Yes
How many cases of deaths are estimated to be caused by TB in India Approximately One death every 2-3 minutes Approximately 5 Lakh deaths 60 Thousand deaths each year 1 and 2 2 In India it is estimated that there is around one death caused due to TB every one to two minutes, translating to about 5Lakh deaths each year in India   Yes Yes



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