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  • Presumptive TB

    Learning Objectives

    Define Presumptive TB and discuss the implications of identifying a case of presumptive TB


Presumptive TB case refers to a patient who presents with symptoms or signs suggestive of TB disease (previously known as a TB suspect) and where further diagnostic workup including bacteriological investigation is required.

 Presumptive TB can be categorized into

  1. Presumptive Pulmonary TB (P TB) - Symptoms are directly related to lungs (Cough, hemoptysis)

  2. Presumptive Extra Pulmonary TB (EP TB) - Symptoms/ signs are specific to an extra pulmonary site (example: Lymph node swelling)

  3. Presumptive Pediatric TB - Symptoms of TB in young children are more difficult to identify and can be more general (fever, weight loss) 




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