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  • Presumptive Pulmonary TB

    Learning Objectives

    Definition of Presumptive Pulmonary TB.

    Consequent action of identifying a case of Presumptive Pulmonary TB.


Pulmonary TB(PTB) is primarily involves lungs. Screening should be done for the following symptoms:

Figure: Signs and Symptoms of active TB


Regular screening of Presumptive TB cases with unexplained cough of any duration should be done and checked for:

  • History of close contact with known active TB case 

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  • Whether the patient has developed Presumptive/confirmed extrapulmonary TB(EPTB)

Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis Objectives

  • High-risk groups: PL HIV, Diabetics, Malnourished, Cancer patients, patients on immunosuppressive therapy or steroids

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