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99DOTS is a low-cost digital adherence technology built-in Nikshay that uses inexpensive packaging (envelopes or stickers) with medication that enables people taking medication to engage with their treatment daily. This packaging, distributed to patients taking medications, has a hidden number behind perforated flaps on the external envelope; in some cases, the number may be fixed outside the medication blister or pill bottle. This number can be a toll-free number that can be called to register daily adherence or a code sent by SMS, USSD, or other communication channels. Calling or messaging the number is free!

Figure: 99 DOTS Envelope


MERM: The Medication Event Reminder Monitor(MERM) is a digital pillbox that provides daily pill-taking reminders and facilitates remote monitoring of medication adherence. This system provides visual and audible reminders for both daily dosing and refill,.transmits this data to a server so that healthcare providers can remotely visualize dosing histories of people on treatment to support enhanced adherence counselling. 


Figure: MERM Box



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