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Intensive Phase(IP): Consists of eight weeks (56 doses) of HRZE in daily dosages as per weight of patient.

Continuation Phase(CP): Consists of 16 weeks (112 doses) of HRE in daily dosages as per weight of patient.

For adults, there are five weight bands, as shown in the table below. The table also indicates the number of FDC tablets that have to be consumed in each weight band

Weight band category

Intensive phase(IP)

(HRZE - 75/150/400/275)

Continuation phase(CP)

(HRE - 75/150/275)

25–34 kgs 2 2
35–49 kgs 3 3
50–64 kgs 4 4
65–75 kgs 5 5
>=75 kgs 6 6

Regular monthly follow up of the patient needs to be done and if patient loses or gains approx. 5 kg weight and if weight band changes during the treatment, then the dose of the patient needs to be recalculated.

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